South Beloit, Illinois
Pearl Lake - April 29th, 2007

     To shake down some new skills and equipment for the up coming 2007 Bonne Terre Mine Expedition, on April 26th, 2007 Kat and I headed down to South Beloit, Illinois to find a plane we heard about in Pearl Lake. Unfortunately when we got there it was pouring rain. Even though the rain wouldn't affect us much underwater, with maybe the exception of some visibility issues, it would make setting up the cameras and suiting up fairly miserable. Down the road apiece we found a Mom and Pop Restaurant and went in to wait for the rain to lighten up. After two and a half hours of breakfast and coffee, not to mention dive stories for the waitress and of course a large tip, we packed it in and drove home.

          The following weekend we made another attempt and this time the weather cooperated. On our second attempt we found the plane and shot video. After accomplishing this goal, we then worked on some navigation and alternate finning techniques for the up coming trip. I've shown the plane video stills to some aviation enthusiasts I know and they claim it's a Beechcraft D18. More information and research pending.                         


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