Bonne Terre, Missouri
Bonne Terre Mine- August 12, 1995

The First Bonne Terre Mine Expedition was on August 12, 1995.
The Mine is located in Bonne Terre, Missouri; about an hour Southwest of St. Louis in the foot hills of the Ozark Mountains. The team included just Sherrie, Dana and I. We stayed in an old railroad car that was transformed into a lush room. Inside the mine we traveled down a distance of 100+ feet through big rooms of tall pillars and winding paths before we even got to the water. At the edge of the water was a platform with a series of tanks and an air compressor. Tenders helped us with our gear on the dock. We did three dives on Saturday the 12th and one on Sunday the 13th, before driving back home.

The Depot 95
Outside Train Car 95
Inside Room 95
Upper Deck 95
Lower Dock Sign 95
Bridge To Dock 95
Mine Temp 95
Divers 95
Dock 95
Structure Above Water 95
Structure Above Water 2 95
Tunnel To Surface 95
Dock From  Water 95
Pillar Banding 95
Above Ground Train 95
Underground Green House 95
Entrance Sign 95
Safety Record 95
Entrance 95
34 shaft from surface
Dive Shop 95
29 ore cart from surface
46 structure
49 structure
Dock Master Bones 95
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