The Michigan Copper Mine

Exploration Project


In the summer of 2006 several team members did some preliminary above water trips into an abandoned copper mine in Michigan. After being given a very informative tour of the dry mine, we then made a quick second trip, repelling ourselves down the single shaft that brought us to the water level. Logistics of lighting, the type of gear required, documentation of artifacts, how may dives might be needed, how to transport all the gear down to this area, and when would be the best time of year to start the project were discussed. As more training will be needed by several team members, along with permits etc. tentative plans suggest fall of 2007 or spring of 2008 as a target start date.


2180 Entrance
2182 Bat
2203 Gearing Up
2575 Dana & Sherrie
2589 Mike
2189 Air Shaft
2188 Bat
2219 Rick
2215 Mike
2204 Mike & Rick
2573 Air Break
2224 Air Shaft Entrance
2220 Rick
2545 Bat
2541 Entrance
2582 Looking Down
2588 Mike
2208 Mike
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