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If you want to contact us about using video or video stills, please feel free. Our work has been used in several publications and programs in the past and there are a couple of  periodicals currently in the works.
     I am also constantly looking for above water photographs of South West Lake Michigan shipwrecks for my research, along with pictures (and history if possible) of shipwreck artifacts.
      I understand that artifacts that have been brought to the surface, no matter what year, can be a touchy subject. I at one time was one of those divers that would get up on his soapbox and rant and rave about leaving everything on the wrecks. What good does it do anyone to have artifacts hidden away in someone’s basement? I and my team (to my knowledge) have never removed any artifacts from a wreck or the surrounding area. One day, after one of my artifact rants, a good friend of mine, Lou, asked me a couple questions. First he asked, if I were to find a nail or other small insignificant artifact next to or on a wreck, knowing it would disappear in the silt or under the zebra muscles soon, would I take it? I responded, “Of course not, take only pictures, leave only bubbles.” He then asked, “What if it was a gold doubloon?” I though hard for a moment and had to answer honestly, “Ahhh, Yes, I guess I would.” He pointed out that I now had a gray area…
     I, personally, will still not remove nor encourage the removal of artifacts from wrecks, but I now have a tolerance for divers that in the past have done so. With that said, I’m always searching for pictures of any artifact that anyone may have from any of the wrecks between Kewaunee and Chicago. Though it would be more interesting to have the history behind the artifact including when and how it was brought up, acknowledging the sensitive nature of collected artifacts even before laws were put into effect, I could also use an anonymous caption like “From a private collection in Wisconsin or Illinois” if the sender would prefer. I’m interested in quantity, not necessarily the quality of the artifacts sent in. This way more people will have at least a visual access to the artifacts in someone’s basement or on their mantel. If you have any questions please contact me.
Thank you in advance. Rick~~~
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